Stay Cozy by Your New Fireplace

Hire our fireplace installation company in Belgrade & Bozeman, MT

Winters in Montana can get chilly, so you'll need a reliable way to stay cozy in your home. That's where Bridger Mountain Fireplaces & Service LLC comes in. Our fireplace installation company serves homeowners who want to enhance their property with a fireplace.

No matter what type of fireplace you choose, you can enjoy lower energy costs than other heating systems. Plus, a fireplace allows you to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Call 406-580-3796 now for more information about gas fireplaces, wood-burning fireplace services, or pellet stoves.

Explore your stove options

Bridger Mountain Fireplaces & Service doesn’t just install fireplaces, we’re also top-notch wood, pellet and gas stove installers. You can hire us for...

  • Gas stove installations. Heat up your home quickly and easily.
  • Wood stove installations. Relax to the soothing sounds of crackling wood.
  • Pellet stove installations. Stock up on fuel easily by buying pellets.

Wood stoves can give any room a vintage look, they offer additional cooking options and they act as efficient heat sources. Ask any questions about your stove options to our gas stove installers today.

Choose a reliable fireplace and stove company

Wondering what makes our stove and fireplace installation company stand out? You'll want to work with our company because we're highly knowledgeable about stove and fireplace products. Plus, we have more than nine years of installation and repair experience. You can rely on us to match you with the right products for your needs.